Write a letting review

Highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly with lettings reviews.


Nowadays, rental agreements weigh heavily on obligations, but nothing is more important than accountability.

A lettings review can be between 20 or 1000 words and can help those following in your footsteps.

Our lettings review guide.

1. Contribute with both positive and negative factors from your time during a tenancy agreement. The more information, the more helpful, others will find it.

2. Don’t get personal and don’t fling insults.

3. Do include dates and a structured account of your time at the property.

4. Keep your appraisal about the address and the occurrences (or not) during the time period under your tenancy agreement period.

5. Do keep any collaborating paperwork or other supporting evidence, such as photographs, videos in an online or physical file.

6. Do keep it balanced. If you can accredit some positive factors alongside negative ones, then your viewpoint will be seen as more credible to those who read.

7. The appraisal system is designed to improve the quality of life for both landlords and tenants. Constructive criticism is the keyword here.

8. If you’re unlucky enough to have a long list of problems, then begin your appraisal with that list, then boost that list with more descriptive information.

9. The use of profanities will instantly ‘null and void’ any justified criticism you may have.

10. Take your time and proofread your finished appraisal.

Keep it civil.

My own appraisal can be found here and free grammar tools are available here.


The art of constructive criticism

There have been many times in my life, where I have used the power of the internet to expose bad products and poor customer service.

The law determines that you can review or appraise any product or service contract, just as long as your points are truthful and not considered false, libelous, defamatory, harassing, hate-filled.

Your rights to ‘opinionated’ free speech are legally encouraged.

As a tenant, you’re a customer and entitled to an exceptional level of service throughout your tenancy.

As a landlord, you’re also entitled to an exceptional level behavior.

These can be acknowledged within an ‘end-of-tenancy’ appraisal.

Write a constructive review   


“Incorporate both positive and negative factors within your letting period to restore balance to your universe.”