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Imagine a world where every tenant knew their current tenancy would be appraised and searchable by future landlords.

Appraising behavior, cleanliness and rent collection would, improve standards for the whole industry overnight.

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Agencies working together.

Tenants can be persuaded to develop a positive renting history by encouraging a culture of appraising after the end of every tenancy agreement.

I’m hoping a good renting history will be as prevalent as nurturing a good credit history is routine today. Together, we can help people build a good historical and searchable renting reputation for the benefit of all concerned.

Accountability – Agencies get better tenants by requesting a driving license/passport number as part of a tenancy agreement and allowing end-of-tenancy appraisals.

We can all help favorable tenants build a demonstrable and searchable renting reputation, whilst helping you avoid the pitfalls that come with bad tenants.

The importance of protecting your client’s property is paramount and working together as a community can help build an additional layer of protection against tenants who may care little for others property.

Human nature varies considerably and so I want my negative experiences to benefit people positively.

Tomorrow you’ll value this platform by appraising tenants for the benefit of the wider lettings community and the peace of mind that comes with tenants who want to nurture a positive rental history.

Leading by example, my own appraisal can be found here.

Stuart Lovatt
Founder of Kismetic.


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“Alone we are limited; together there are no boundaries.”