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Encouraging mutual respect in the lettings market.
Encouraging mutual respect.

Improving the lettings industry through search.

“We’ve created a tool to verify that I’m of good character and prove my excellent renting history to potential landlords.”

We aim to help both sides of the lettings industry by encouraging end-of-tenancy reviews, just like any other product or service.

The Kismetic platform is for those wanting to differentiate themselves from the masses by helping people build a good renting history and demonstrate it proudly.

Verifying yourself as a longstanding and dependable person could help landlords offer a more favorable rate of rent. Additionally, as a good landlord, finding equally respectful tenants could deliver that all important peace of mind that’s so absent’s in today’s letting industry.

As a tenant myself, I’m happy to offer accountability and peace of mind to my landlord by offering my driving license and/or passport number.

I encourage him to give me an ‘end-of-tenancy’ appraisal for my future landlord’s to search and discover and so I can negotiate a more favorable rent rate with those future letting opportunities.

This appraisal platform is a change in direction by offering rental agreements that promote peace of mind for both parties. We aim to support tenants with a good historical record of renting whilst alleviating the worries that come with being a landlord.

My previous expertise within the solar panel industry was a personal reaction to exponentially growing energy costs alongside dreadful energy policies of successive governments. I’ve been prolific in supporting this ‘brilliant’ technology over the last decade.

Today, I have turned my attention to the lettings market that also suffers from exponentially rising costs and equally dreadful governmental policies just like the energy industry.

Ultimately, I believe both tenants and landlords can do better by thinking differently, just like solar adopters see energy consumption in their homes – differently.

Nowadays, rent is an expensive expense, so making sure tenants get the best for their money is imperative. Additionally, I’m more than happy to help landlords discover excellent tenants with our local announcement service.

Collectively, we can improve standards by encouraging the art of appraising at the end of each and every tenancy. Our holiday accommodation after we began advising people of our trips, is now vastly improved now people regularly appraise.

Kismetic should be viewed as an advisory platform for people wishing to embark on a more respectful renting relationship. We encourage stability for landlords as well as peace of mind for tenants embarking on short-term lettings that’s so prevalent today.

We live in a social world, yet the divisiveness of recent and past government policies is breeding fear and insecurity nationally. Always a recipe for radical change historically.

Today, I encourage individuals to participate in a revolution of respect within the rental market that will improve standards for everyone on both sides of the coin.

And, here is the tenancy review that started it all.

This is the re-inventing of renting.

Stuart Lovatt
Founder of Kismetic


Cleaning the lettings industry

For over thirty years the research and development team at Hoover only managed to improve their product by adding a simple light to the front of their vacuums.

The lettings industry has been ‘stuck in a rut’ too and so my approach is a simple way of improving the lettings marketplace, one tenancy at a time and forever.

A cyclonic breath of fresh air for tenants and landlords.

From this day forward.

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“Kismetic is a much-needed tool and that’s long overdue.”