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I personally love renting, because it gives me freedom within the world.

Rate My Rent with letting agreements that offer mutual respect for both landlords and tenants.
Search for a mutual harmony

Yet, I’m very aware that the lettings industry is a minefield for both tenant’s and landlord’s alike!

Kismetic is my own attempt to bring harmony to a lettings industry that has allowed itself to become a wild west of the Clint Eastwood variety.

The good, the bad and the damn right ugly have left both private landlord’s and private tenant’s suspicious of each other. Exhasberated rents and lower-quality properties have left the private lettings industry – unfit for purpose.

In my own lifetime of lettings experiences, the vast majority of landlord’s and tenants are good people searching for peace of mind in their lives and I’ve personally always been happy to help.

Advancement of our species comes from poking curiosity with the stick of possibility.

I had one personal encounter with a landlord whom was new to the buy-to-let industry, who thought he could let himself in my home anytime he wanted, because as he put it, “It’s my house”. He even ripped up the kitchen floor and started building renovations without even consulting me!

I chose to leave that address as soon as possible, but I always felt like I should have warned his new tenants that this particular guy thought nothing of invading within his tenants’ lawful privacy.

Building a demonstrable renting history

Kismetic is a tool developed to bring mutual respect in the lettings industry.

Using ‘smart technology’, we connect ‘better’ landlord’s with ‘good’ renters who wish to demonstrate their integrity and thus bring a new dimension to a lettings industry that urgently needs some TLC.

When both sides of a letting agreement are aware that they will be subject to an end-of-tenancy review, then attitudes become far more pleasant for both sides concerned.

A landlord that can demonstrate an ‘excellent’ attitude towards customer service can be rewarded with better tenants in the future.

Additionally, a tenant demonstrating a more ‘respectful’ rental history, can benefit going forward too.

A relatively easy to fix to a complex industry.

Be part of the change.