The importance of a good rental history

  The ability to survive is based on one’s ability to change with the adapting environment around you. This is true with the natural world and man made environments too. Over the course of my lifetime, I have seen the ‘private rental market’ change beyond belief. Some for good, but mainly for the worse for the majority of the population within the United Kingdom. In an ever increasing market of private landlords, I now feel it to be important to […]

Feeling powerless within the lettings industry?

  I personally love renting, because it gives me freedom within the world. Yet, I’m very aware that the lettings industry is a minefield for both tenant’s and landlord’s alike! Kismetic is my own attempt to bring harmony to a lettings industry that has allowed itself to become a wild west of the Clint Eastwood variety. The good, the bad and the damn right ugly have left both private landlord’s and private tenant’s suspicious of each other. Exhasberated rents and […]