Write a letting review

United in improving the lettings market for both tenants and landlords.


Kismetic is a platform developed to improve the lettings industry and help both landlords and tenants find peace of mind.

Accountability is the key to encouraging both sides to nurture and benefit from a good renting history.

Improving both sides of the lettings industry

The risk of a landlord’s property with insecure, short-term tenants is very high.

With the awareness of an imminent end-of-tenancy review, standards can be raised on both sides of the lettings industry. We love ‘uniting’ good landlords with good tenants who are looking for respect.

Why reviews benefit landlords?

Short-termism in the lettings industry has bred a cesspool of bad tenants.

Seeing your property from a tenant’s perspective could help you improve the property, increase the value of your investment, but more importantly improve the quality of your future tenants.

Kismetic landlord’s, agencies and tenants enjoy and benefit from a more long-term view.

Why reviews benefit tenants?

The buy-to-let market has become a cesspool of bad property and inexperienced landlords.

Kismetic is a tool to help tenants flag up potential problems for others following in their footsteps whilst encouraging landlords to make improvements going forward.

Over a very short period, the hospitality industry has improved a thousand fold since people began reviewing and I believe that similar improvements can occur in the lettings industry too.

Why use passport numbers/driving license numbers?

If you stay in a hotel, then you’d expect to know what standard that accommodation is before entering into such a short-term commitment. We believe the same principle should extend out towards rental homes where a landlord’s service is just as important, but the customer’s behavior is paramount too.

Therefore, linking letting agreements with passport and/or driving license numbers does encourage better behavior and accountability and allows good tenants to prove and benefit from their preferable lifestyle.

What should a review contain?

An appraisal should contain both positive and/or negative feedback from your experience during your time under a letting agreement. Constructive criticism from both sides of the lettings industry can benefit everyone.

Please find my writing an appraisal guide helpful.

What are the legal ramifications of writing a review?

Nowadays, products, organisations, services and even employment contracts receive the full appraisal treatment. As long as your points are truthful and not considered false, libelous, defamatory, harassing, hate-filled, then your rights to ‘opinionated’ free speech is legally encouraged.

I hope you find my writing a review guide useful.

What should I do if I find a property with a negative review?

This will be entirely your decision. Find out more information from the property owner. Those issues may have been addressed. Flagged up problems often get fixed quicker, so further research is recommended before committing to any contract.

What should I do if I find my property has been unfairly appraised?

Blocking your ears to opposing views is certainly not constructive.

With that said, the aim here is constructive criticism. If you feel an appraisal doesn’t meet our appraisal writing guide, then please find our site policies and removal procedure policy here.

Have you yourself written a review?

Yes, I was unlucky enough to rent a house from a landlord and it resulted in me leaving the property early because he had no basic respect for me as a tenant.

You can read my appraisal here.

I consider myself to be a good landlord (or lady). Can I advertise my letting here?

Absolutely, we love ‘matchmaking’ good landlords with good tenants. We encourage long term renting for the benefit of peace of mind for both parties.

The joy of the security of a long-term letting should not be understated.

How much does your announcement service cost?

We have a straight and simple one-off charge of £29.99 to display your letting announcement on our Geo-location pages. This allows people researching rental properties in your property’s geographical area to find and view your property listing.

Can I read your platform’s policy?

Yes, our usage and service policies can be found here.