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    My six months stay at this very quaint old fisherman’s cottage in the central part of Eastbourne was tainted by the wood chip wallpaper.

    I remember the house being very dark all the time due to the over-hanging buildings around it, but this may be due to the time of year that I stayed.

    Acknowledging that the house is very old, the size of the house was a big issue and there are only two adults and one small child. The positive features of living in this house were the central location and it’s only five minutes from the beach, but that’s the only positive attributions I can give.

    The living room was dark and small with a very low-hanging roof. The window woodwork took a lot of the space up and we had to introduce an additional heater to keep warm.

    The middle or dining room was Baltic, and seemed to be difficult to utilise as a function room because of the positions of the doorways. We just used it as storage.

    The kitchen was dated to the 1970s and very small. The original fisherman’s door and window were very drafty, I added insulation, but it made very little difference. This, I suspect, was because of the un-insulated roof. This basically made the whole house cold.

    The main bedroom was the only room to get proper sunlight, and this is where I spent most of my own time, albeit with a sea of wood chip. The rest of the upstairs seemed dark, dull and dated.

    The garden space I found funny. So small it almost seemed pointless.

    This house would make a good bachelor pad.

    However, expect big energy bills trying to heat this home. Letting agent were very unhelpful to deal with.


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