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    My time at this small two bedroom semi-detached house was marred by the landlord who took it upon himself to let himself in and out of my home without prior notice.

    Neighbours at the property even told me that he was letting himself in when my car wasn’t on the drive!

    After serving the landlord with a letter reminding him of my rights as a tenant, he replied simply by saying “it’s my house, I’ll do what I want!” – Unbelievable, but true.

    I remember one time when I was pottering about in the house in my pants when he suddenly appeared through the patio doors and in the back garden to do garden work on a Sunday morning.

    The house had a great wood burning stove that heated the whole house when lit, and compact bedrooms, kitchens and a wonderful corner bath. The garden was very green at the rear and private parking at the front. This was all located in the beautiful small fishing village setting in Overton.

    All would have been great and I would have stayed a lot longer if the landlord’s attitude changed.

    The final straw came when one day I returned home to find the kitchen floor was missing and he had begun renovation work without pre-warning me.

    This experience was the foundation stone for Kismetic.

    I always regretted not warning the new tenants at the property, but I heard on the grapevine that they didn’t stay long at the property either, so I guess the landlord didn’t learn any lessons.

    Nice cosy house; shame about the landlord!


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