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Rate My Rent with letting agreements that offer mutual respect for both landlords and tenants.


The Kismetic platform is a tool to allow people to research and discover any aspect of the UK lettings market.

Agencies, landlords and tenants now have an open platform to share information about their experiences, and allow a much greater peace of mind when embarking on future let agreements.

We’re re-inventing; renting.


In a nutshell.

Kismetic is a thing I wish I had at my disposal throughout various times of my life.

I’m a great tenant and want to build a demonstrable rental history whilst additionally, attempting to improve the way people seek and appraise lettings agreements.

1. We promote appraising and researching to empower the rental community on both sides of a rental agreement with our artificial intelligent ‘search’ network.

2. We are a platform for tenants looking for a home-to-respect and landlords with a longer term view of renting property with more respectable tenants.

3. We connect both sides of the lettings industry with similar goals of peace of mind.


Feel the love of a supportive landlord

We want to connect good landlord’s with tenants that have a good renting history.

We find longer term tenants with like-minded landlords. Peace of mind that comes with respectful tenants – cannot be understated.

The benefits for landlords with respectful tenants are numerous. The benefits for tenants with longstanding stability in their lives is immeasurable.

Be part of the change.

A tenant’s guide

A new generation of savvy landlords

We marry tenants with a good renting history to equally responsible landlord’s.

If this sounds up your street, then our open platform will help you find more respectful and longer term tenants for your properties.

Our Geo-targeted announcement service and open platform will introduce people who are looking for perennial stability in their lives – just like you.

Be part of the change too.

A landlord’s guide
“A small trickle can soon turn into a powerful, fast-flowing river that changes the landscape around it – forever.”